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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
White Rocks

The Anchor & Bell Difference


Throughout history, anchors have served to help steady ships amidst the storms.

Bells have traditionally symbolized a call, or pull, towards deeper reflection. 


At Anchor & Bell Counseling, we provide a steadying presence 

through the season of your pain and space for deeper reflection.


We work alongside you to unearth the source of your suffering 

and the beauty that lies beyond.


You can call, text or email to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with any one of our clinicians.



We strive for excellence in our work. We pursue additional training to stay up to date on current trends in treatment. We are especially passionate about counseling focused on repairing relationships, healing deeper wounds, and using the therapeutic relationship to uncover aspects of you that may have not been considered before. ​  


Our services stand out because we have additional training in faith and spirituality, which means we understand the strength and pain you experience in this aspect of your life. We pride ourselves on being a safe place to explore the role spirituality plays in your story, as we are aware of the critical role faith has played in our own.  We are also sensitive that faith communities sometime cause immense harm and are toxic to individuals and families.  Because of this, we are experienced in demonstrating support for those recovering from unhealthy forms of spirituality and believe you should not be left walking through it alone. 


We are real people, not professional robots. We are non-judgmental, safe, and friendly. We stand out because we are thoughtful, established professionals that believe in the power of relationship to transform and heal us.  We are also energetic and passionate about what we do, which is all about your needs and how we can serve you best. ​


Some counselors focus on what's wrong with you and your past. We acknowledge the pain, but we also spend lots of time focusing on what you are doing well. And we believe you have the strength to make the changes you want to see. In short, we believe and see the best in you.  Our goal is to help unleash your unique strengths so you leave our office feeling revitalized and ready to tackle life's challenges. ​​

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