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Individual Counseling
50 minutes | $125



Trauma Recovery

Women's Issues

Attachment Disruption

Life Transitions

Career Issues

Sexual Concerns

Rebounding from Toxic Relationships

Chronic Illness

Behavioral Problems at Home/School 

Male Issues

Grief & Loss





Identity Formation

Family & Child Therapy
50 minutes | $135

Trauma Recovery

Play-Based Intervention Therapy

Stress in Children | Parent Coaching

Helping Families Navigate Divorce and/or Separation

Healing From Past Hurts in Family Relationships

Repairing Relationships with Adult Children

Understanding Family Roles and Identities

The Family Bundle Plan

At Anchor & Bell Counseling, we want to provide a warm, friendly, and economically sustainable place for you and your family to experience healing. We are keenly aware that when someone in the family is pursuing healing, it is common for other members to benefit from therapeutic support as well.  


If anyone else in your immediate family is receiving counseling from an Anchor & Bell Therapist, we provide a 10% discount for therapy sessions. Please ask your therapist for more information if you have any questions or need any further information.  

Payment | Please Note

For those wishing to utilize insurance: counseling services may be covered in-part or in-full by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. We can provide you with a statement of services that can be submitted to your insurance company for possible third party reimbursement. Reimbursement is solely dependent upon your health insurance plan specifics.


Payment: Clients may utilize flex spending account(s), health savings account(s) (HSA's) to pay for counseling services. In addition, cash, check and all major debit/credit cards are accepted.

The way Medicare and Medicaid policies are written, members of these programs are generally required to see a contracted (“in-network”) provider. Unfortunately, because we are not a contracted Medicare or Medicaid provider, federal laws prohibit us from collecting any payment from clients covered by these plans.

Couples Counseling
50 minutes | $135

Premarital Counseling

Relational Distress

Communication Skills

Affair Recovery

Divorce and/or Separation

Intimacy Issues

Family Planning

Sexual Concerns

Understanding Personalities

Familial Patterns

Conflict Resolution

Emotional Distance

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